The Journey

The purpose for our time together is to focus on things that might be concerning you or your child that may be causing you to struggle at home, work, school, and/or in relationships. It is important to first understand the past in order to make sense of the present in terms of feelings, emotions, reactions, and patterns of relating. In doing so, more holistic and healthy ways of working through life challenges can be realized.



I have not always been a therapist. My previous career was much more glitzy! My own personal experience and journey, both professionally and personally, led me to a place of truth and authenticity. I know what it is like to sit on the other side of the therapist's chair. I am honored and privileged to walk this part of your journey with you while instilling great hope for healing and wholeness.




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I provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults with a focus on trauma. Please read more to see what I mean by trauma that may be masked by other symptoms like anxiety and depression.  Many of us do not realize that we have stored trauma in our bodies . . .

I also offer a second type of service, corporate consulting, to help provide and implement employee assistance programs, facilitate conflict resolution, foster group communication, and more. Why? Because my past experience as a Chief Operating Officer helped me to understand unique challenges in the the workplace related to supporting and managing people.




Meet Buddy! He is a three time adopted mixed breed therapy dog. He has worked with children and young adults and has a keen sensitivity to human emotions. Whether laying at a client's feet, playing to help break the ice,  or snuggling on a lap to provide comfort, Buddy is most at home in a therapy session.